• A Woman's Dream
    A simple touch enables easy selection
    from more than 200 pairs of women’s
    shoes, boots, and purses in a
    40 sq. in. space.
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  • Valet™
    Offers hanging space, drawers, and
    adjustable shelves to store a wide
    range of clothing and shoes in just
    40 sq. inches.
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  • State Room Series
    Too beautiful to hide in a closet,
    The State Room Series is a
    freestanding unit that may be
    customized to your needs—as
    a bar, or a desk, a bookcase or
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Lazy Lee® Home

Lazy Lee® Home products make it easy and convenient to organize and select shoes, clothing, and accessories. The patent-pending designs maximize the corner space in a room, walk-in closet, garage, or wine cellar and deliver a dramatic increase in storage capacity. Each unit revolves on our patent-pending ROTAS rotation system, guaranteed for a lifetime of smooth, quiet performance.

We offer color, shelving, and drawer configurations that personalize any unit to your lifestyle.

A Woman's Dream

A Woman's Dream is the only revolving shoe and accessory storage unit of its kind, holding up to 228 pairs of shoes. A Woman's Dream makes it easy and convenient to store all your favorite shoes and accessories, allowing you to see and select them at a glance! It revolves smoothly and quietly.

A Woman's Dream is available in a variety of heights to fit most walk-in closets. A Woman's Dream is also great for areas where space is limited, such as lofts and condos. Originally offered only in conjunction with custom closet installations, A Woman's Dream is now available for easy at-home installation. These beautiful units are crafted by our Lazy Lee® licensed manufacturer in the United States and around the world.


The Valet is a variation of A Woman's Dream. Shelved not only for shoes and purses, but with walls for mirrors, hangers for clothes, hooks for purses and accessories, and drawers for personal effects, books, and / or journals. These beautiful units are crafted by Lazy Lee® licensed manufacturer in the United States and around the world.

State Room Series

Lazy Lee’s Stateroom/Studio Series wraps 30 square feet of space into a 12 square foot piece of beautiful furniture.

home office organization, desks, shelving & work stations.

Rotas™ By Lazy Lee®

ROTAS by Lazy Lee® offers 360° of smooth, quiet rotation on a self-lubricating non-metallic mechanism that is virtually maintenance free, requires no electricity, is impervious to temperature and humidity, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

home office organization, desks, shelving & work stations.
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