Coats, hats and umbrellas … shoes, boots and backpacks... dog leashes & toys. They all need a home!

Whether you enter your home via the garage, front door, or back door, having an area just inside that entrance to drop your kids’ backpacks, hang up a coat, or kick off dirty sneakers is a must. Our designers can create a useful storage area complete with ample drawers and hooks.

Plus we can include open compartments, and enclosed cabinets that offer separate storage spaces for each family member. Maybe you want to create locker areas for each child, plus one for mom and dad? Or perhaps a handy bench where you can sit, with hidden storage underneath? A designated spot to stash your keys, sunglasses, and umbrellas would also be helpful. A countertop to plop the grocery bags on would be helpful too.

With our creative ideas and space planning expertise, the clutter of coats, shoes, boots and mittens dropped on the floor will soon be resolved and eliminated. A well designed and organized mud room offers you convenience for storing seasonal items as well as a place to sit, relax, and take off those muddy shoes!

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